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Enter Activation Code

What is Plex and its Features

The best streaming site for both paid and free video and images is In the USA Plex’s streaming feature is very common. More than 100 online stations along with more than 20,000 films Along with the live TV experience, Plex has over 80 streaming stations.

It offers local-listed shows, sports as well as news. Over 20,000 on-demand and free images, as well as shows from different networks can be streamed by users. This allows users on all one of their gadgets to restrict their shows or movies and to create their own streaming options of TV, displays music, and more.

Where to Enter Plex TV Code?

When you open your browser on your desktop or mobile phone, go to and ensure you’re signed into the correct Plex account. Enter the code of four characters and click apply. Once the code is entered and your participant’s program is activated, it will refresh itself automatically after a short time and will also be linked to your account.

Connect to Your Account Using Link Code

  • Start Your Smart TV and choose the Sign In button.
  • Take note of 4 digits in the link code to connect the application to Plex account. Plex account.
  • Visit in your browser.
  • Click here to enter the link’s code.
  • Click on Submit.
  • After that , the app will refresh for a few seconds later and will be linked to Plex TV. Plex TV account

Compatible Devices.

You can stream Plex from almost any tablet, smartphone or gaming console, smart TV or computer and browser.

Create an account on

  • To access the Internet using a PC Go to in your browser.
  • Click Sign in at the top right corner.
  • Then tap on Sign Up.
  • Select your password and email address, or you can sign up using Gmail, Facebook and Apple.
  • Accept and agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Verify your email address and confirm your information.
  • Plex account creation.

How To Activate Plex On Apple TV?

To turn on Plex to activate Plex Apple TV:

  • Get started with on your Apple TV and go to the Plex channel (You might need to download it prior to doing so)
  • Note down the activation code that you are seeing at the bottom of the screen.
  • Open a web-based browser on your PC.
  • Visit
  • Input in your Plex activate code.

How To Activate Plex on Roku

To enable Plex to be activated on Roku:

  • Find Plex on the Roku main menu or selecting Plex on the Movies & TV section of the Channel Store.
  • You can open the channel and take note of your code on screen.
  • If you are using a browser for the web you can go to
  • Enter your activation number, and then select Submit.

How To Activate Plex on Chromecast?

There isn’t a native application that streams Plex onto your Chromecast. But, you can follow these steps to stream Plex using a smartphone on your Chromecast

  • On your mobile device, open the Plex application.
  • Play and search for the video you would like to stream.
  • Choose the Chromecast icon located at near the top, and then choose the Chromecast device to send the streaming to your television.

How To Activate Plex on Smart TV?

To turn on Plex on the smart TV:

  1. Get started (or download and launch) the Plex application for the Smart TV.

  2. A code for activation appears upon your monitor.

  3. Visit in a browser for the web using a PC or mobile device.

  4. Enter the code visible at your Smart TV that you want to turn on and then press “Submit”.

How To Activate Plex on Samsung Smart TV?

To turn on Plex on the Samsung Smart TV:

  • Begin (or download and open) the Plex application to Your Samsung Smart TV.
  • A code for activation appears in your display.
  • Visit using a web browser with a laptop or a mobile device.
  • Enter the code shown in your Samsung TV that you want to activate, and then press “Submit”.

How To Activate Plex on Xbox One?

To Activate Plex on an Xbox One:

  • Start the Plex application for Your Xbox One.
  • An activation code is displayed upon the screen.
  • Utilizing a web browser using your laptop or desktop device, visit
  • Input your Plex Code for activation.
  • After you have successfully registered the image on your Xbox One refreshes, and immediately signs in to the Plex application.

How To Activate Plex on Xfinity?

To activate Plex for Spectrum you first need to be a subscriber to Plex. Follow these steps:

  • Click your remote’s Xfinity button of your remote
  • Select Apps
  • Select Plex
  • Choose Sign Up or Login
  • Simply log in with the Plex account username and password, or create an account that is new.
  • Click Sign In, and then you’ll be ready to go!